Word Ladder



Given a set of valid words, determine the minimum number of single-character transformations it would take to transform from a starting word to an ending word.

If there is not a possible way to transform frome one word to another, then return 0.

Input: start = "cat", end = "dog", words = set(["cat", "cot", "hot", "dog", "dot"])

Output: 3

It would take a minimum of 3 single-character transformations to transform from "cat" to "dog": "cat" => "cot" => "dot" => "dog".

Input: start = "hot", end = "cog", words = set(["cog", "dot", "fog", "lot", "hot", "job"])

Output: 0

There is no way to transform from "hot" to "cog" one letter at a time based on the words available in word_set.

Input: start = "hot", end = "cog", words = set(["cod", "cog", "cot", "fog", "rod", "rot", "hot", "job"])

Output: 2

Though there are multiple ways to transform from "hot" to "cog", the most minimum steps required is 2 tranformations: "hot" => "cot" => "cog".

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What is the number of transformations required to transform from "pop" to "map" if the available words are: "bop", "hop", "had", "mad", "map", "mop", "pop"?

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