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Interviewing is so important for your career growth, yet so easy to mess up.

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Adding to a list

O(n) or O(1)

Here are two common methods to add elements to a list:

  • append() adds the element to the end of the list
  • insert() takes in a second argument that specifies what position to add the element at


insert() is an O(n) complexity operation whereas append() is an O(1) operation, so use insert() sparingly. If you need to only add to the front, consider using a queue.

1 Solidify your knowledge on Python basics

Walk through our easy lessons on the coding fundamentals you need to know before you even begin practicing coding questions.

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2 Familiarize yourself with the essential coding patterns

Get a step-by-step explanation of each coding pattern by walking through our visual slides. We make it easier for you to learn more efficiently and understand the concepts better.

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Valid Palindrome



A phrase is a palindrome if it reads the same forward and backward after ignoring all non-alphanumeric characters like punctuation, symbols, capitalization, and spaces.

Write a function which returns true if the given string is a palindrome, and false if it’s not.

Input: Han ah!

Output: True

Input: Hugo

Output: False

3 Practice on real interview questions that follow an actual interview format

Practice problems that mirror a real interview experience, with no setup required to start implementing and testing code. Perfect for solo practice.

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4 Profit from your improved interview skills

With enough practice, you'll be able to work your way through approaching almost any problem, and get job offers to improve both your career and personal development.

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