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Apple Interview Process

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Where do I apply for an Apple interview?

You will need to upload your resume and provide other relevant information to the Apple careers site, or use this LinkedIn strategy to find a recruiter to contact.

If you pass the initial screening, you'll be asked to talk with a recruiter.

What topics should I study for?

What are some example Apple technical questions?

What are some example Apple behavioral questions?

  • Tell me about a time you exceeded expectations.
  • Tell me about a time you failed expectations.
  • Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a coworker.
  • How do you approach collaborating with cross-functional teams, such as designers and product managers?
  • Where do you see yourself after five years?
  • Name a time when you had to overcome a difficult challenge.
  • Tell us about a time you had to work with a difficult colleague.

How long is the entire Apple interview process?

Apple recruiters are generally pretty responsive. It takes from three to five weeks to get to the offer stage after a recruiter reaches out.

However there generally are more interview rounds at Apple and requires more context switching between questions.

What is the Apple interview like for a full time software engineering role?

Recruiter phone screen (15-20 minutes)

This is an optional screening that some candidates may not need.

Prepare to talk about your professional background, skills, and career goals.

Recruiters will match you to a team that's looking to fill an open position.

Hiring manager phone screen (45-60 minutes)

Expect to talk about your resume and the position you're applying for. You may also be asked a technical coding question in this interview.

Technical phone screen (45-60 minutes)

Some candidates don't get phone screens, while some will need to take two phone screens. These will likely be data structures and algorithms type questions.

Onsite (one day)

  • 5-7 total interviews, some by team members:
    • 2-4 technical interviews, about reviewing code, math, or data structures (60 minutes)
    • 1 system design assessment (60 minutes)
    • 1-2 behavioral interview (60 minutes)

Note: Apple interviews vary from asking candidates to writing pseudo-code, to writing real code, to answering logic questions. Their questions may also be focused more on domain knowledge.

What are the levels and salary for a software engineer at Apple?

Level Description Estimated Annual Compensation*
ICT2 SWE II (Entry Level) 150k
ICT4 Senior SWE 350k
ICT5 Staff SWE 480k
ICT6 Senior Staff SWE 844k
Sourced from

*Note that compensation varies based on location. These estimates are likely based on the USA HCOL market.

The compensation package will likely include:

  • Base salary
  • Equity split equally over 4 years
  • Target Bonus: usually around 5-10% of annual base salary Apple provides hefty stock refreshes annually.
Last updated on October 11, 2023
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